BMES 500

BMES 500

The BMES 500 is a digital, intelligent, programmable multi-boiler management system designed to control up to ten boilers operating on a common flow and return header. It is compatible with most makes and types of boilers of unlimited output using natural gas, oil or LPG. 

The system combines microchip technology with proven techniques to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Our Variable Thermal Response program measures system water temperature through electronic sensors on the flow and return pipes and accurately varies the system temperature to meet the demand imposed. Additionally the BMES 500 includes a digital programmer, optimisation (on and off), weather compensation, variable thermal response, step control of modules, automatic lead boiler sequencing, minimum and maximum flow and return system temperature control, night temperature, hot water priority, frost protection.

Safeguards against back end condensation are also catered for together with an extensive programming menu to provide maximum energy savings whilst maintaining comfort conditions.

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