The Necessity of Portable Appliance Testing

Employers are responsible for all portable appliances on their property being up to code as determined by the regulatory agencies. Portable appliance testing is part and parcel of making this effort successful. This issue falls within both the realms of safety and financial good-sense. Violating these laws carries heavy consequences and tends to make a business look as if employee safety is less important than cutting costs. Inspectors, once they find one violation, will also be very much anticipating that there are more to be found and this can bring non-compliance penalties up to staggering figures.

Portable appliance testing services provided by professionals are very easy and inexpensive to engage and it makes no sense to not take advantage of their services. Because the appliances used by outside contractors and those brought into the workplace by employees are also required to be up to code, it is imperative that they be examined. Those appliances that leave the worksite present the threat inherent in any device that exists sometimes outside of the control of the workplace. Tools and other equipment may not be properly-maintained by contractors. Unfortunately, should those tools be put to use on a worksite, they become the concern of the business itself.

A comprehensive safety program needs to include among its elements portable appliance testing. The threats posed by such devices are very real and the regulations that apply to them are the result of years of experience with workplaces where such devices have been put to use. The types of injuries that electrical appliances can cause include severe burns, trauma and even death. Thousands of people are injured every year in this fashion. Sadly, most of these injuries could likely have been prevented had the faulty appliances been inspected by a professional.

Portable appliance testing should be done on a regular schedule. Any new equipment that is brought into the workplace must also be tested to ensure that it is up to code from the start. While new appliances may come with all the certifications that indicate it is up to code, each new device is a variable and one cannot be certain that they are functioning as safely as advertised without a proper inspection. The professionals that perform these services have the right equipment for the job and know the regulations which apply to a degree that allows them to spot trouble immediately.